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Cutting's opponent is named a defendant in this federal lawsuit for corrupt organizations, which accused
O'Neil and her office of altering mortgage documents, etc. - Pay Close Attention to Pages 62-71

"God's love, honesty and integrity in government anywhere is a blessing to all of us everywhere."

Cutting for Pasco Clerk Bio

Roberta Cutting has been happily married to James Cutting for 36-years at the time of this writing, which is year "2016."

In 1988, Cutting was excited and thrilled to open up her own business as a family day care home provider. Not only because of owning her business, but, the most important reason of all to start her own business from home was so that Cutting could stay home with their three children while still helping to supplement her family's income. In 1994, Cutting and her family moved so she gave up the day care that she owned and operated for five years.

In 1993, Cutting obtained a real estate license and worked in a real estate office for a short time until she and her family moved to Michigan for a few months. Therefore, Cutting gave her listings to the real estate agent she felt was the most ethical person in the office. Cutting chose not to keep paying the fees to keep her license active and let her real estate license become null and void in 1995. Click here to show license is null and void

From 1992-1994, Cutting and her family went through a horrible experience when new neighbors moved into their neighborhood and was the ultimate reason that Roberta and James gave up their home they bought in 1984, rather than to stay where they were no longer happy. It was this experience that prompted Cutting to start writing a book about their experience in 1994 and she titled it, "War on the Home Front." However, many factors were involved on why Cutting never published the book. It was this experience that made James and Roberta realize just how corrupt our system really was, which was a hard factor to accept.

By 1995, Cutting and her family came back from Michigan and moved to Pasco County, Florida. This was also when Cutting entered into unfamiliar terroritory, as she became a devout college student and wanted to learn all she could about writing in order to help her with her book and took classes that would help her learn how to use a computer. Cutting was interested in many subjects and took various classes that did not necessarily go toward any particular degree and by 1999, Cutting earned an Office Systems Technology Degree. Not long after earning this degree, Roberta took a few trips with James as he was a long distance truck driver and she navigated their trips from one state to another and from one stop to another, but, unfortunately, James was injured in 2001 and could no longer continue driving a truck on a regular basis and had to give up the one job that he loved. James tried going back to truck driving, but it was too hard to continue so he gave it up completely.

After this, Cutting wrote articles as a freelance writer to gain more experience in writing, took care of her family, went back to college, off and on, and started a nonprofit organization in 2007 called, "Citizens Against Legal and Moral Abuse (CALMA), Inc." This organization was inspired, not only by the experience that Cutting and her family endured in the past, but Cutting helped others over the years suffering from their own legal abuse and wanted to do more to help others. This included to help stop corruption and make our system better since corruption hurts all of us in one way or another.

In the meantime, Cutting put CALMA on the back burner and attended college to learn the laws more than she already knew and so she could help others even more so when she was ready to work CALMA on a more frequent basis.

So, in May 2010, Cutting enrolled in college in the Paralegal Studies Program so she could further her goals, but was on an unsuspecting journey that would take her places she never thought she would ever go.

One such journey was to set out on a campaign trail to keep an unethical and dishonest clerk of court, Paula O'Neil, from getting back in office. So Cutting pounded the pavement most every day except Sundays and obtained 2,980 valid petitions that was required to be placed on the ballot. The mission was to keep this dishonest clerk of court from ever using her position to harm anyone else and for Cutting to get some kind of justice from the wrongful conduct that this clerk of court, O'Neil, and her office did by using false allegations to accomplish their deceitful goals.

During part of Cutting's campaign in 2012, Cutting attended Hodges University and graduated in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary studies. It was a four year degree, but this excellerated program also accepted many of the college credits that Cutting earned in other classes, which cut the amount of time needed to obtain this bachelor's degree, along with cutting the time in half as it was an excellerated program. Cutting pursued this bachelor's degree in case she decided to attend law school, which was a requirement if she were to pursue that avenue.
May God be with all of us as we try to make our system better, starting with keeping a dishonest public official from serving in office where she can continue to use the clerk's office as an umbrella to harm others.

Having an ethical person serving the people is one of the most important qualifications that a public official could have and if we support and elect a public official that we know is dishonest and unethical, what would that say about our character? All of the degrees in the world does not matter if we have a public official in office who would use that office to sabotage a constituent with false allegations or alter documents or place lies in public records.

Also, a clerk of court in Florida only has to show up for work about 8-days out of the whole year by law and it does not take much education for that. What this means is that the employees in the clerk's offices are already doing the work and all the clerk does is oversee what they do. Besides, the state provides a transition for a newly elected official and no degree is required to do the clerk's job. Cutting has an Office Systems Technology Degree, a Paralegal Degree and a Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, but those degrees do nothing for the people. What our system needs are honest, true integrity driven, public officials serving the people!

The criminal acts, including violating the public records laws and violating the criminal laws of Florida, that came from the Pasco Clerk of Court, Paula O'Neil, is something I would never, ever do to anyone! This total lack of integrity should never come from a public official who was supposed to be representing the people of Pasco County, including me, and the reasons why O'Neil should not be allowed to continue in office under any conditions, whatsoever. In fact, O'Neil should have never even been allowed to run for office again after she sabotaged one of her constituents with false allegations while violating the criminal laws of Florida in the process. And doing this wrongful conduct all while under the umbrella, scope and auspices of the clerk's office.

A newly elected Florida Clerk of Court is transitioned into the office by an orientation and training that is conducted by Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers (FCCC) New Clerk Academy Committee. Click here to see the letter sent to Cutting dated Aug. 23, 2012. There is no requirement to run for clerk of court and the state transitions a new clerk into office. The most important qualification a public official could have is true integrity. Without true integrity, they do NOT belong in office!

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