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Cutting's opponent is named a defendant in this federal lawsuit for corrupt organizations, which accused
O'Neil and her office of altering mortgage documents, etc. - Pay Close Attention to Pages 62-71

Cutting made ballot placement by getting the required 3,049 valid petitions signed by Pasco County registered voters so her name would appear on the ballot in November. Thank you to all who helped make it happen!
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"Corruption or wrongful actions anywhere is a threat to all of us everywhere."


It is not a secret that our government is filled with public officials who are dishonest and cannot be trusted to do what is right. So, why do we choose to allow these officials to continue their lies and deceit at our expense? Cutting had no idea how bad it really was until she was victimized by the same system that was sworn in to protect her as they are sworn in to protect each and everyone of us. When Cutting got caught up in this circle of malicious and dishonest conduct by her opponent, Paula O'Neil, Cutting was beyond shocked. It was hard to fathom why a public official would make up lies to the public and implement those lies in public records (Memo created and used specifically to make up false allegations to help O'Neil win re-election in 2012) when O'Neil knew she was violating the public records laws and the criminal laws of Florida, which is a third degree felony, Florida Statute 838.022, to state lies in public records.

O'Neil had a motive for stating lies to the media in 2012, which was to help her win re-election. But what was even more shocking was that O'Neil exploited Cutting's daughter's sexual abuse case to make people believe outright lies. The Tampa Bay Times helped O'Neil by stating lies in their newspaper article on Oct. 9, 2012. Click here to read this Bias! Bias! Bias! article filled with lies and innuendos.

In this article they falsely claimed that Cutting represented herself as an attorney for the purpose of trying to view a confidential file. This file was Cutting's daughter's sexual abuse case from 1998 and it was not confidential to Cutting, as Cutting was all part of the case, Cutting initiated prosecution, Cutting was a witness in the case and the victim was Cutting's 14-year old daughter. The article also stated other lies, such as falsely stating that Cutting claimed to be the victim but was challenged when her age did not match. Why would Cutting ever claim to be the victim when her daughter was the victim? The article also stated that Cutting denied she ever represented herself as an attorney, but with that statement, gave a false impression by making it sound like Cutting pulled up a confidential file since the article does not state that Cutting denied pulling up a confidential file. The Times never interviewed Cutting regarding her daughter's case so the Times did not even give Cutting the opportunity to prove it was false. That was because the Times used a public record, which was the memo, for the purpose of making people believe lies to help O'Neil win re-election. When Cutting tried to get the Times to retract the article by providing the evidence to prove the file was Cutting's daughter's sexual abuse case which was not confidential to Cutting, the Times refused to retract the article, which further proved maliciousness on their part.

The memo is dated Nov. 18, 2011 and was created after Cutting signed up to run against her opponent, Paula O'Neil, which was toward the end of Oct. 2011. Click here to view a document when Cutting signed up with Pasco Elections Office to run against Paula O'Neil on Oct. 24, 2011. This memo was dated less than a month after Cutting filled out the paperwork to run against O'Neil. There are many lies and inaccuracies stated in this memo, but the main point to address is under 10/5/11 where a case number is stated to give the impression that Cutting tried to view a confidential file, which is Cutting's daughter's sexual abuse case from 1998. This memo was used to exploit Cutting's daughter's sexual abuse case in order to help O'Neil win re-election in 2012. Click here to read the memo from the Pasco Clerk's Office filled with lies and innuendos. Compare the date at the top of the memo to the date Cutting signed up to run for office.

The case number in the memo, "93", matches documents Cutting has from 1998 of her daughter's sexual abuse case, which was a felony as stated in the memo. The clerk's office frequently uses the middle number of a case and that was why only number "93" was stated in the memo. Click here to view these documents and compare the case number to the case number in the memo above. Also, the state attorney's office misspelled Cutting's first name, which should have said Roberta, not Roberts.

In 2013, Cutting filed a lawsuit for defamation and wrongful actions against Paula O'Neil, Kevin Fulford whose name appears on the memo, and David Williams who stated lies to the media to help his boss, Paula O'Neil, win re-election. It would make one wonder if Williams got paid off for services rendered since he is now the director in charge of a whole department at the clerk's office at the government center in Dade City. Unfortunately, the connections did not allow justice to prevail. Judge Babb protected and condoned Paula O'Neil for wrongful actions by denying Cutting the opportunity to take the case to trial and quashed numerous subpoenas to keep O'Neil and others from having to testify under oath.

Cutting's daughter's sexual abuse case was not mentioned in 2011 and Cutting had no idea that it was being used as an evil and malicious ploy to help O'Neil win re-election until the defamatory article was published. The Times never interviewed Cutting regarding Cutting's daughter's sexual abuse case and the Times knew from an interview with Cutting that O'Neil used her office as an umbrella for wrongful conduct during Cutting's internship as Cutting pointed out to the reporter and C.T. Bowen during an interview with them. Cutting showed the reporter (Lisa Buie) and (C.T. Bowen) documents that included an intake review that stated false and inaccurate information in this intake related to hiring Cutting for the internship. Click here to see the Intake and compare the inaccuracies to the application below.

The following link is an application Cutting filled out to apply for an internship at the Pasco Clerk's Office. Click here to view Cutting's application when she applied for the internship At the top of the application it states Volunteer, but if you read the application, it clearly shows that Cutting applied for an internship position. There are four inaccuracies in this Intake. For one, Cutting was seeking a degree, not seeing a degree. That misspelling is not a big deal, but when you consider three main people from the clerk's office who approved the Intake, including Paula O'Neil, that was really incompetent, to say the least. The other errors and inaccuracies was also very incompetent, such as stating Cutting was attending Hodges University when all three officials that approved the Intake knew Cutting was attending Pasco-Hernando Community College, not Hodges, and even the application is evidence to prove that. Nothing on the application mentioned Hodges. The application also showed that Cutting was working in the art gallery in New Port Richey, not Dade City as the Intake states. The final error to point out is that these officials stated on the Intake that Cutting was available only 4-6 hours a week, which would be completely unfeasible, as there would be no way that Cutting could have completed 90-hours of interning required by Dec. 10th when the semester would be over in those hours they stated on the intake. Furthermore, Cutting could not have completed the internship if she interned through the whole month of December in the hours stated on the intake. Cutting started her internship on Oct. 3, 2011 and the semester was over on or about Dec. 10th, 2011.

During the first week of Cutting's internship, Paula O'Neil sabotaged the intership at the clerk's office and an internship/job Cutting had lined up with an attorney and used false allegations to accomplish her malicious and deceitful goals. Therefore, Cutting was livid that a public official would sabotage a constituent and abuse her power to do that for O'Neil's own demented reasons, so Cutting signed up to run against O'Neil to hold her accountable for wrongful actions and to show people what a public official should really be doing for them, which included being 100% for the people. Cutting signed up to run against O'Neil, not only because of what O'Neil did to defame Cutting for malicious reasons, but also to keep O'Neil from hurting others as well. This experience put Cutting on a campaign trail to be 100% for the people, as Cutting knew what it felt like to be treated badly by a public official and vowed to never do that to anyone. It takes an evil person that would do something like this to someone's life and Cutting was not about to let O'Neil walk right back in office without a fight where she would be free to harm other constituents with her complete lack of integrity.

Unfortunately, O'Neil has been busy hurting others since she got re-elected in 2012. This damage O'Neil has perpetuated against constitutents includes more public records violations and a fraud lawsuit that listed O'Neil as a defendant, which accused her and her office of altering and backdatimg documents. A link to this fraud lawsuit for corrupt organizations is on this web site.

Cutting has been trying to hold O'Neil accountable every since Cutting realized the damage O'Neil was doing to the people. This included running against O'Neil in 2011/2012, filing complaints with other public officials who happened to be connected to her so they protected and condoned O'Neil's wrongful actions, filing a lawsuit against O'Neil only for Judge Babb to protect and condone O'Neil's wrongful actions, and pounding the pavement again this time around to do whatever it takes to hold her accountable and to do what is right for the people. This fight continues to be a huge eye opening experience, which includes biases from the media and how hard it is to hold a public official accountable even when the evidence is in plain view. It is no wonder that our government is so corrupt. Cutting is running for a cause rather than a politician, which is one of the best reasons of all to run for office because when someone runs for a cause they truly care about the people.

May God be with all us as we each do our part to make our government better, starting with voting bad public officials out of office so they will not be free to harm anyone else in that capacity.

The Pasco Clerk's Office was used as an umbrella for lies and deceit and as stated above, Cutting got caught up in that deception in the fall of 2011 by her opponent, Paula O'Neil, in a shocking series of events that took place when O'Neil and her select employees spread gossip and lies that ultimately sabotaged Cutting's education, degree, career and reputation based on nothing but false allegations. In the process of spreading outright lies, these public officials violated not only the civil laws of Florida, but the criminal laws as well, as they stated lies in public records, which was and still is a 3rd degree felony, Florida Statute 838.022.

We, the People, have got to stand up against the wrongful actions of public officials or our government will never get any better. No one is immune from O'Neil's wrongful actions and if we don't stop her, who will be O'Neil's next victim? Your son? Your daughter? Yourself? or anyone else you know? Not only with public records violations, but read the link at the top where O'Neil is listed as a defendant in the fraud lawsuit for corrupt organizations that accused O'Neil and her office of altering mortgage documents, etc. The attorney in this lawsuit represented his mother and accused O'Neil of being part of a plot to take his mother's property and they succeeded. Based on what O'Neil did to Cutting, there is no doubt in Cutting's mind that O'Neil is capable of that. There have been people in Pasco County that have lost their homes when they were not even behind on mortgage payments. This is a serious matter and just the mere existence of the lawsuit for the reason of altering documents would be enough to make one think that it could happen to them as long as O'Neil is in office.

O'Neil was Cutting's inspiration to run against her so Cutting could protect the people from this clerk of court who would do something so unfathomable to one of her constituents and to keep her from ever doing this to anyone else.

Like many other people, Cutting had her head stuck in the sand for far too long and never realized what was really going on, such as bias from the media, including the Tampa Bay Times, who maliciously and knowingly stated false allegations in their paper to help Cutting's opponent win re-election and exploited Cutting's daughter's sexual abuse case from 1998 and used Cutting's family's tragedy to make people believe outright lies for the purpose of helping O'Neil win re-election in 2012.

O'Neil Lied to the People in this Video Debate in 2012

The criminal acts, including violating the public records laws and violating the criminal laws of Florida, that came from the Pasco Clerk of Court, Paula O'Neil, is something Cutting would never, ever do to anyone! This total lack of integrity should never come from a public official who was supposed to be representing the people of Pasco County, including Cutting, and the reasons why O'Neil should not be allowed to continue in office under any conditions, whatsoever. In fact, O'Neil should have never even been allowed to run for office again after she sabotaged one of her constituents with false allegations while violating the criminal laws of Florida in the process. And doing this wrongful conduct all while under the umbrella, scope and auspices of the clerk's office.

A newly elected Florida Clerk of Court is transitioned into the office by an orientation and training that is conducted by Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers (FCCC) New Clerk Academy Committee. Click here to see the letter sent to Cutting dated Aug. 23, 2012. There is no requirement to run for clerk of court, except to be a registered voter, and the state transitions a new clerk into office. The most important qualification a public official could have is TRUE INTEGRITY. Without TRUE INTEGRITY, they do NOT belong in office!

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